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crematory. long brownstone building surrounded by a forest

Dachau Memorial SiteTour only

You arrive individually at Dachau Memorial Site. The tour is starting and ending at Dachau Memorial Site.

Price up to 10 guests*: €230,00 up to 3 hours, every extra hour €60,00

*PRIVATE TOUR JUST FOR YOU! You determine number of participants, program, date, starting time and duration!
Due to Corona only a maximum of 10 guests per tour is allowed + compliance with the minimum distance of 1,5 m!

The tour is available in the following languages:


On January 30th, Adolf Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor by Reich President Otto von Hindenburg. At this time the Weimar Republic was still rudimentary working. Only 51 days later, on today’s ground of Dachau Memorial Site, the Dachau Concentration Camp near the town of Dachau was opened as one of the first concentration camps in the country. How was this possible? What had happened? What was the “legal instrument” to justify camps like this?
Already well before, the Weimar Republic’s government was only able to rule the country by the so called “emergency regulations”. Not only did they override the civil rights guaranteed by the Weimar Republic to a great extent, but they also authorized the Government of the German Reich to impinge on the governmental power of the states. These regulations paved the way from democratically oriented Weimar Republic to Nazi dictatorship. Planned as regulations “until further notice” they actually remained in effect until the “Third Reich” collapsed in 1945.
The National Socialists immediately started to imprison members of the communist party, dissidents and other inconvenient persons without legal reasons. Regular prisons were overcrowded in a minimum of time and first temporary prison camps were opened.
Related to these events the first concentration camp was opened in Dachau on March, 22nd 1933, on the premises of a vacant World War I ammunition factory. Rapidly Dachau became the prototype for all German Reich’s concentration camps. Here a detailed system of Terror was organized and adopted as standard by subsequent camps.
Even though during its 12 years of existence Dachau never had been an extermination camp, yet 41.000 of its 206.000 prisoners died of exhaustion and starvation, were executed or murdered, lost their lives to illnesses or human experiments.
The first memorial site on these premises was opened in 1965. For the main part It had been designed for the survivors, only few being still alive nowadays.
Between 1996 and 2003 today’s Dachau Memorial Site has been changed to a place of learning and remembrance. Visitors shall follow “the path of the prisoner” and are challenged to enter the premises of the former “preventive detention camp” through the original entrance: the gate wearing the inscription “ Work Brings Freedom”.
This private walking tour shall contribute to give an insight on the occurrences and to respectful commemoration.


* Depending on the guide VAT is either included, or not shown (§19 small business status)
Wooden bunk bed areasDachau Schlafstellen
14 peolpe on the march of death from DachauTodesmarsch Denkmal
Long stone building with a free space in front of it and bushes on the left sideDachau Krematorium
In the backgroud former house of arrival, in front a memorial showing concoluted figures made from metalDachau Internationales Denkmal
Metal door entrance to the former concentration camp. Above the door sentence: work sets you free. In the background you can see free spaceEingangstor Dachau "Arbeit macht frei"
on a block of stone the figure of a slim man in a wide coat. Sentence: To honor the death, to admonish the livingDachau Denkmal "Der unbekannte Häftling"
Stone wall, written on it in metal letters in 5 languages the words "Never again"Dachau Denkmal "Nie wieder"
wide place, behind it a long white shack, alley of trees to the leftDachau Baracke
Price up to 10 guests: 230,00 € up to 3 hours, every extra hour 60,00 €

Quick information:

Kind of tour: Private walking tour from meeting point Dachau Memorial Site
Length of tour: starting from 2,5 hours or by arrangement
Distance covered: ca 2,5 km
Max. number of participants: 10
Meeting point: Visitors’ Center main entrance, Pater-Roth-Straße 2a, Dachau

Unsuitable for children under the age of 13

Individual Arrival:

Public transportation: S-Bahn S2 to Dachau, change to bus 726
Travel time: ca 40 minutes from Munich Main Station (e.g.)

The tour is available in the following languages: