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Berchtesgaden Kehlsteinhaus on top of mount Kehlstein

The Eagle’s Nestdown south in Bavaria

A private tour in one of the most beautiful areas of Bavaria is waiting for you: embedded between Berchtesgaden Alps, the Salzburg Countryside and as the capstone Watzmann (the highest mountain of the Bavarian Alps) lies the old, picturesque little spa town Berchtesgaden. There was a reason why Adolf Hitler settled down on the Obersalzberg, where the Eagle’s Nest is still existing today. Nowadays Bavaria’s second National Park is located in this area, offering many attractions.

Price for this tour: 780,00 €* up to 10 hours – price valid for up to 3 passengers**, 20,00 €* for each additional person – up to 8 passengers** Prolongation 90,00 €  per hour or part thereof

*Price does not include any ticket fees, meals and drinks and all other activities of your choice

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Tour: The Eagle’s Nest

As soon as, at the end of the 19th century, the railway to Berchtesgaden had been built, the number of visitors, tourists and day-trippers increased immediately. This fact is not amazing, because the Berchtesgaden Countryside is one of the most enchanting regions of Bavaria. Regular visits of the members of the House of Wittelsbach to the Berchtesgaden Castle, the beautiful surroundings of the Watzmann Massif and nearby Königssee were attractive crowd pullers Now and Then.

Adolf Hitler discovered the beauty of this area, too, when he visited Obersalzberg for the first time in 1923. 10 years later the National Socialists claimed this district of Berchtegaden, situated as high as 1000 m above ground as “restricted Führer area” and almost every important party figure had its own private domicile up there. Adolf Hitler himself lived at the “Berghof”, a generous mansion, which nowadays is only recognizable as ruin fundaments in a reforested woodland. It is situated close to documentation centre Obersalzberg. This centre houses an exhibition about National Socialism and is trying to communicate the connection to Obersalzberg. Hitler spent lots of time at his “Berghof” and for quite some time it was even called “second state chancellery” (beside Berlin). But never forget: here, in this beautiful surroundings decisions were made about strategies of war, about life and death, about the fate of many nations.

Some 900 meters above Hitler’s residence lies the Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus). Hitler got it as a present for his 50th birthday. It was completed in 1938. Unlike the Beghof it survived and houses a restaurant since 1952. It’s always worth the time to visit the Kehlsteinhaus. You have a gorgeous view and the ascent by bus on a road with a downgrade of 24% is a thrilling adventure.

Convince yourself of the exclusiveness of this private tour and decide, what else you want to dare apart from the already specified tour. Find some suggestions below.
House build on a Mountain with another Mountain in the Background

Sign named "Berchtesgaden Kehlsteinhaus" hanging on the Entrance Wall

Possible combinations for this tour:

Combination 1: Berchtesgaden + Obersalzberg + Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest)

Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg can be visited throughout the year, while the “Eagle’s Nest” is only open during the snow free months between May and the end of October. In case the “Eagles’s Nest” is open there is still some time left for a stroll in the beautiful pre-alpine scenery or a visit at the Obersalzberg Documentation Center.

Combination 2: Berchtesgaden + Obersalzberg + Königssee

Königssee is only 15 minutes away from Obersalzberg and is offering an unique view of Berchtesgaden Alps. The lake is nestling fjord-like between steeply sloping scarps. With its depth of 190 meters it is one of the deepest lakes in Germany. Lake navigation is on electric boats only. Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip on the lake!

Combination 3: Berchtesgaden + Berchtesgaden Salt Mine or Bad Reichenhall Salt Mine

Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and Old Bad Reichenhall Saline both are offering guided tours inside the mine. The tour, including ticket sale, changing clothes, and wait will take approximately 1,5 – 2 hours. For guests with reduced mobility it is recommended to visit Berchtesgaden Salt Mine, because the Old Reichenhall Saline is requiring the ability to manage stairs. These tours are a great experience and popular with all age groups.

Combination 4: Berchtesgaden + Obersalzberg + Rossfeld-Höhenring Scenic Road

Rossfeld-Höhenring Scenic Road is one of Germany’s most beautiful Scenic Roads. Up on 1570 meters it is the most high-lying road in Germany. This toll loop starts right behind Obersalzberg, has a length of 16 km, is leading through Austrian territory at its peak and back to Bavaria. Several parking lots are inviting you to make a stop and take a look at the Austrian city of Hallein and as far as Salzburg, or at the Watzmann Massif and as far as the city of Berchtesgaden on the Bavarian side.

*includes pick up at an address in the city area of Munich, all transfers during the tour, all parking and toll fees, as well as drop off at an address of your choice in the city area of Munich

**price includes 19% VAT

Church with 2 very pointet towers, in front a square with visitorsDom Berchtesgaden
Air view: church with two pointed towers, church with one tower, in the area green, houses and a parking placeSchloßplatz Berchtesgaden
Woodland, in the background ruins of ObersalzbergObersalzberg
long hallway, lit descriptions of Obersalzberg's history on the wallsObersalzberg Museum
steep road with pedestrians and a motorcycle, green meadows and villages, in the background 3 mountainsObersalzberg Blick über das Tal
tree to the left and to the right, Königsee with tourist boad and a mountain in the backKönigsee und Schönfeldspitze
Red building with rounded windows, in the background a forest and mountainsAlte Saline
Mountain with a building on top, in the background another mountainKehlsteinhaus

Price for this tour:

780,00 €* up to 10 hours – price valid for up to 3 passengers **
20,00 €* for each additional person – up to 8 passengers** Prolongation 90,00 €  per hour or part thereof

*Price does not include any ticket fees for the railroad up to the summit, as well as all other activities of your choice.

Quick information:

Kind of tour: private day tour up to 8 guests
Duration: up to 10 hours
Destination: Berchtesgaden / Obersalzberg / Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus only during summer season)
Recommended time of departure: 08:00h / 09:00h at the latest from Munich City
Estimated driving time to destination: ca. 2 hours from Munich to Berchtesgaden
Included services: Pick up at your address in Munich – transfer to and at destination – all parking and toll fees – transfer back to your destination in Munich
Recommended apparel: depending on forecast, strong footgear
Important notice:

  • if you are visiting the salt mine: the temperature in there is about 12° C / 53° F. Please dress accordingly
  • Entrance fees are not included
  • This tour is not fully recommended for wheelchairs (Kehlsteinhaus will not be possible)


Die Tour wird in folgenden Sprachen angeboten: