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Nuremberg part of the old wall

NurembergThe Franconian Metropolis

Quite in the centre of Bavaria you can find the old imperial city of Nuremberg. It is the second largest city of Germany’s most beautiful county, and though Nuremberg is located only 140 km north of Munich, it has a charm of its own. Every year during the time before Christmas this city is hosting the famous “Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt”, but it is worthwhile to visit this town any given season. Nuremberg: history, culture, and a medieval city centre – there is so much waiting for you!

Price for this tour: 780,00 €* up to 10 hours – price valid for up to 3 guests, 20,00 € for each additional guest – up to 8 passengers Every extra hour started 90,00 € 

Price does not include ticket fees, meals and drinks and all other activities of your choice

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Tour: Nuremberg

For centuries Nuremberg had a special status called: direct free imperial city, and it was directly subordinated to the current emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. An all exceptional position, that lasted until 1806, when Nuremberg was integrated into the newly created Kingdom of Bavaria. Earlier prestigious figures like Emperor Friedrich II. Barbarossa already had stopped here several times and resided in the city’s today’s famous landmark: Nuremberg Castle – the Nuremberg Emperor’s Castle, to be enthroned majestically above historic down town while forming a part of the almost completely preserved city wall.

The city played an important role in National Socialism: Nuremberg was one out of five so called Führer Cities and Adolf Hitler conferred the so called title of honour: “Capital of the Nuremberg Rallies”.

The conferment of this title was followed with actions: in the Southern part of the city the Nazi party rally grounds were developed – a compound with dimensions of 17 km². And yet only few of the planned monumental structures were completed, with the Congress Hall leading the way. This hall was designed in the style of the Coliseum. Several more huge areas were planned to become Nazi march sites and the “German Stadium” was supposed to be built as the biggest stadium of the world, admitting 405.000 people. Nowadays the area is partly serving as a venue, but also as a place of learning and remembrance. The monumental Congress Hall is housing the Documentation Center Nazi party rally grounds.

Until it was destroyed by war, Nuremberg was the largest of all German cities with an almost completely unchanged historic town centre. At the end of the war nonetheless 90% of the whole centre were destroyed. When reconstructing however much emphasis was put on the restoration of the most important historical buildings. So today Nuremberg city centre is presenting a well-made architectonic front.

Nuremberg is inviting you to come to know this self-conscious, charming historic city. Either to enjoy the historic townscape, to go looking for historic traces, or have tasted the famous Nuremberg Bratwurst for once in your life. Come to see the city of famous painter Albrecht Dürer, the location where Nuremberg Trials took place and stroll about “Historic Mile” right in the middle of Nuremberg historic centre.

Possible combination for this tour:

The city of Nuremberg is offering everything to spend an interesting day in this Franconian metropolis. In case of some time being left to spend and if you are feeling curious enough for a shopping spree of the special kind, let’s make a stop at Ingolstadt Village on our way back to Munich.

  • Ingolstadt Village is a factory outlet of 110 upmarket brands. The village itself has been designed in a striking historic district setting, with the result that it’s not only impressing by its shopping possibilities, but also by its atmosphere.

*includes pick up at an address in the city area of Munich, all transfers during the tour, all parking and toll fees and drop off at an address of your choice in the city area of Munich

 **price includes 19% VAT
panoramic view. Many houses and roofs. On the right side a church with 2 towers.Nürnberg Panorama
in front a stone bridge and a lazy river. in the center a wooden bridge with a roof - in the middle some tress. At the left side a stone tower and a half wood houseWeinstadel Nürnberg
a man high stone wall. Several people to the left. A way leading up to a large half wood houseNürnberg
Several people on a small place. One way left, one way right in the middle a half wood house. To the left a stone building and another half wood house to the rightNürnberg
an obsolete square surrounded by a red brick arenaNürnberg Reichsparteitags Gelände

780,00 Euro* up to 10 hours – price valid for up to 3 guests**
20,00 Euro* for each additional guest – up to 8 passengers** 90,00 € every extra hour started**

*Price does not include ticket fees for any activities of your choice.

Quick Information:

Kind of tour: private tour up to 8 guests
Duration: up to 10 hours
Destination: Nuremberg
Recommended time of departure: 08:00h / 09:00h at the latest from Munich City
Estimated driving time to destination: ca. 1.5 hours from Munich to Nuremberg
Included services: Pick up at your address in Munich – transfer to and at destination – all parking and toll fees – transfer back to your destination in Munich
Recommended apparel: depending on forecast
Important notice: Any ticket fees are not included


The tour is available in the following languages: