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Feste Salzburg with a Building and two Trees in the Foreground

SalzburgMozart, Baroque and UNESCO World Heritage Site

This private tour is taking you into Salzburg. It might only be the fourth largest city of this country, but it probably is the most famous one.
Not only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here, but the brilliant conductor Herbert von Karajan, too. He also started his career in his home town. For centuries prince-archbishops developed their residential city to a baroque style absolute picture, which brought Salzburg the honour of being an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. For whatever reason you want to book this tour: this city will enchant you.


Private Tour: 780,00 €* up to 10 h, every extra hour started 90,00 €

*Price up to 3 guests. Each additional guest (up to 8 guests): + 20,00 €


The tour is available in the following languages:


Tour: Salzburg

Salzburg, starting as the Roman settlement “Juvavum”, with a history of more than 2000 years is one of the most beautiful travel destinations of all Austrian cities. For a long time, Salzburg was the capital of the prince-archdiocese Salzburg and until 1816 it was belonging to Bavaria, until the city was incorporated into the Habsburg empire.
Salt trade made the city rich and important, and thus Hohensalzburg Castle was built for the town’s protection. It still presents itself as a noble and powerful fortress above the city. Starting from 17th century, like in many other towns in the southern German area, pompous baroque style prevailed in Salzburg, too. As usual ostentatious profundity of sovereign power was the reason for it – a fact every visitor can simply enjoy nowadays.
Salzburg’s surname is “City of Mozart”, because one of the most ingenious composers of all times had been born here on January 27th 1756 on Getreidegasse: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His birthplace is a museum now and to be lionized by visitors. But it’s not only this street that honours its most prominent son. Mozart is omnipresent in this city and his face is smiling down on the visitors of Salzburg from plates, cups, caps and the famous, delicious treat “Mozartkugel” on each corner.

All this is Salzburg: Architecture, music, baroque, mountains and the well-known story “The Sound of Music” – a movie about the Trapp family, which plays in Salzburg and was filmed here, too. The movie won 5 Oscars and countless American visitors are still inextricably linked with the city, because of this motion picture.
No matter why you are choosing this tour, to go shopping, to marvel, or just because of Salzburg’s beauty: the uniqueness of this city will captivate you and make this private tour an unforgettable memory.

Possible combinations for this tour:

  • Salzburg is offering so many artistic and cultural possibilities, that you will be spending an entire day here in the city of Mozart without standing a chance to get bored.
    Our advice: just let yourself drift away and plan any activities spontaneously.
  • You want to combine Salzburg with another destination of your choice? Just let us know, and we will make your ideas reality, whenever it is possible. Please note that depending on your further plans the price might have to be adjusted.
price includes 19% VAT
780,00 €* up to 10 h, every extra hour started 90,00 €
*Price up to 3 guests. Each additional guest (up to 8 guests): + 20,00 

Quick information:

Kind of tour: private day tour up to 8 guests
Duration: up to 10 hours
Destination: Salzburg, Austria
Recommended time of departure: 08:00h / 09:30h at the latest from Munich City
Estimated driving time to destination: ca. 2:00 h from Munich to Salzburg
Important: solid footwear – cobblestones in the old town
Important: bring passports for border crossing to Austria!
The tour is available in the following languages: