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Place of the victims of National Socialism with trees, green and the eternal flame

Munich and the Third Reichwhere it all began

It was in 1913, when Adolf Hitler arrived in Munich for the very first time. Was this the beginning of National Socialism? Or did it all start with the so called “Beer Hall Putsch” of November 1923? This tour will tell the dark side of Munich’s history. The times Munich bore the title of “honour”: “Capital of the Movement”. This private tour is an effort to clarify the complex issues that eventually ended in the ultimate catastrophe

Price up to 15 guests*: €180,00 up to 2 hours, every extra hour 50,00 €  

*PRIVATE TOUR JUST FOR YOU! You determine number of participants, program, date, starting time and duration!
Due to Corona only a maximum of 15 guests per tour is allowed + compliance with the minimum distance of 1,5 m!

The tour is available in the following languages:


Munich, November 1918: revolution, the last Bavarian king takes flight, and Kurt Eisner, the first Bavarian Prime Minister proclaims the Free State of Bavaria. The Bavarian nation, used to being ruled by monarchs for centuries is vehemently fighting the democratic form of government. All this and the results of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I is leading to an extreme spread of radical right-wing ideology.
One specific person is being interventionist in this now forming, vast political party scene: Adolf Hitler. 30 years of age he is getting used to extreme right-winged and anti-Semitic thoughts, adopting them rapidly. His eloquence is perceived very fast and after he has been rebuilding the DAP to NSDAP (Nationalist Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany) he is taking the lead of the party in a minimum of time.
Hitler however wants even more. His ambition is a state based on the Führer principle: the sole power. In November 1923 he is trying to assume power by a military coup, the so called “Beer Hall Putsch”, but this coup comes to a bloody end with a shooting at the “Feldherrnhalle”. Finding incredibly benign judges for this treason, they give him a forum during the trial in Munich instead of deporting the Austrian citizen.
Doing his time in Landsberg he is writing the first part of his book “Mein Kampf” / “My Battle”. These works – a conglomeration of promiscuous, National Socialist thoughts – are declared the new party ideology.
Hitler’s party is quite irrelevant until Black Friday – the beginning of the Great Depression.
On January 30th 1933 the time has come: Adolf Hitler is democratically appointed Reich Chancellor. All these people responsible and thinking to be able to control the “unimportant Austrian private” were disabused in a minimum of time. Fate took its course…

This private tour Munich and the Third Reich is an attempt to join the dots of circumstances of the time and backgrounds between National Socialism in Munich and the “Third Reich” at historical sites, to resolve important questions and also to look at the important topic of resistance in those days.

Please schedule a minimum of 2 hours, better yet 2,5 – 3 hours for this tour.

Former office building Maxvorstadt Munich pedestrian crossingEhemaliger sogenannter Führerbau
Shady place with green and trees in the background the eternal flamePlatz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus
Street sign Walter Klingenbeck WegWalter Klingenbeck Weg Maxvorstadt München
Letters forming the name in a circle. Lit in red every night for one minuteGeorg Elser Denkmal Türkenstraße
Papers made from marble lying on the floor in front of LMU MunichWeiße Rose Bodendenkmal LMU München
Price up to 15 guests: €180,00 up to 2 hours, every extra hour 50,00 €  

Quick information:

Kind of tour: private walking tour
Length of tour: starting from 2 hours or by arrangement
Distance covered: ca 3,5 km
Max. number of participants: 15 (Corona-conditioned)
Meeting point: Königsplatz, in front of Glyptotheque

This tour is unsuitable for children under the age of 13

The tour is available in the following languages: