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Give the gift of culture – because we are worth it!

Difficult times lie behind us all and we all had to do without a lot. But we have also learned to look ahead, get creative and be ready for a post-Covid-19 era. City tours, themed tours or building tours are of course virtual possible, but the real treat is undeniably the living experience on site.

For you, we have created a voucher program, with which you not only support your tour guide, but above all give the pleasure with a very unusual gift that always fits!

A voucher for a city tour is the ideal gift e.g.

  • for you and your family simply all private
  • for you and your friends
  • for your birthday party
  • for your wedding celebration
  • for your private city tour
  • for much more
Absolutely flexible!

The value of our vouchers is matched to the main base fares, covering most offers in Munich. Choose for example:

  • A voucher for two hours guided walking tour – value for most two-hour guided tours in Munich
  • A voucher for three hours guided walking tour – value for most three-hour guided tours
  • A voucher for two hours of private city tour (max. 8 people) – value for a two-hour city tour
How does the voucher purchase work?
  • You can find the “Voucher” option on each individual tour description or you can click here
  • Select your desired coupon and follow the instructions
  • Complete the payment
  • Create your very own personalized card. You can use templates or your own image
  • Text and images ready? Create card and print PDF immediately and give away
How does the voucher redemption work?
  • Go to as the recipient and choose your desired tour
  • Go to “Book” and enter the 6-digit code under “Enter Code” and follow the further instructions
  • Voucher value greater than the price of the selected tour? Residual value remains and can be used proportionally for further bookings
  • Voucher value smaller than the price of the selected tour? Pay remaining amount via “View Booking” in your confirmation email or pay cash on site
Great offer – Great effect
  • Free choice of the desired date
  • Free choice of tour
  • 3 years validity
  • Transferable
  • Cancelable within 14 days of purchase

We look forward to seeing you!