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Museum tours in Munich

Insight into Munich's cultural heritage

Munich – a True Art Metropolis!

Munich is a radiant city of art! In the so-called "Kunstareal," over 5,000 years of art history are assembled. On one side, there's the State Museum of Egyptian Art, and on the other, the Museum Brandhorst, a representative of modern art. Munich also boasts an unparalleled cultural landscape with over 70 museums and collections.

"I will acquire works of exceptional beauty..."

…once said the Bavarian King Ludwig I. The frugal monarch spared no expense to turn Munich into an art metropolis. He followed the tradition of his ancestors, who since the Renaissance, under Duke Albrecht V, laid the foundation for one of the most important art collections in Europe. It was Ludwig I who built the first modern, publicly accessible art galleries with the Pinakothek museums.


The Museums of His Majesty Ludwig I

Glyptothek: Munich's first public museum and the only one in the world dedicated exclusively to ancient sculpture. Highlights include the precious pediment figures of the Aphaia Temple in Aegina and the sensually beautiful Barberini Faun.

Alte Pinakothek: One of the most significant painting collections in the world! Here you'll find the great masters such as:

  • Albrecht Dürer's "Self-Portrait,"

  • Raphael's "Madonna Tempi,"

  • Leonardo's "Madonna with a Carnation,"

  • Titian's "Charles V,"

  • Rubens' "The Fall of the Damned,"

  • Rembrandt's "The Sacrifice of Isaac,"

  • Boucher's "Madame de Pompadour"


Neue Pinakothek: Ludwig I was the first monarch to create a museum for contemporary art, a remarkable feat. If you love classicism, romanticism, Biedermeier, impressionism, or symbolism artists like Spitzweg, Cézanne, Monet, Turner, van Gogh, or Klimt, then this is the place for you. The museum will reopen around 2025 after renovations, but a small yet significant part of the collection can currently be seen at the Schack Collection or in the east wing of the Alte Pinakothek. Ask us for details!


Municipal Top Museums:

Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus: Hosts the largest collection of "Blue Rider" paintings, pioneers of abstract art. You'll find Franz Marc, August Macke, and Wassily Kandinsky alongside Gabriele Münter and Marianne von Werefkin.


Villa Stuck: A Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art), celebrated by contemporaries as an "idiosyncratic" sensation. The eccentric dandy Franz von Stuck still allows us to glimpse his glamorous lifestyle. In the historical rooms, we experience the glory of the turn of the century. We can then stroll through the stylish Bogenhausen to the old historic St. Georg Cemetery, where Monaco Franze and many other Munich personalities from film and television rest.


Our Ideas for You:

  • Alte Pinakothek Tour (approx. 90-120 minutes, €200, max. 20 people)

  • Combined Tour: ALTE + NEUE Pinakothek (approx. 150-180 minutes, €260, max. 20 people) - Note: Neue Pinakothek closed for several years

  • Lenbachhaus Municipal Gallery Tour (approx. 90-120 minutes, €200, max. 20 people)

  • Villa Stuck and Bogenhausen Cemetery Combined Tour (approx. 120 minutes, €200, max. 20 people)


Your Dream Museum – Whatever's Possible: Ask Us!

Tour details

€200.00 plus admission

90 – 120 mins

Max. 20 people

About 2.5 km

Main entrance castle

Available in these languages:

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