Astrid Neubert

Self-employed official guide
  • Official guide of the Bavarian state capital of Munich
  • Certified tour guide of Dachau Memorial Site 
  • Guide garden experience Bavaria
  • Member of the Munich guide society 
  • Member of the German guide society 
Historic city tours *
Thematic tours *
modern Munich / city development and architecture *
gardens and parks *
Munich by bike *
guide for all-day tours*

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About me

Astrid Neubert


How unbelievably beautiful it is here! This is what I keep thinking when I walk through Munich or when I’m out and about in Bavaria. Even during and after my language studies in Munich, I had opportunities to spend longer periods in the U.S. and Italy to gain exciting professional experience. Even though I have often been drawn to faraway places – I have always enjoyed returning to my hometown and live here with my family. Telling stories, awakening curiosity, tracing connections, experiencing the guests’ view “from the outside” on the familiar, and in addition all the interesting conversations: No tour is like the other, because the guests are never the same.

I am happy to be part of the team around Alexander Kardaschenko to show you on one of our tours the beautiful and exciting, historical, amazing and unexpected sides of this city.