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Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

When royal dreams come true

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Private driver-guide tour (max. 8 guests)


Up to 10hours


Neuschwanstein Castle / Bavaria

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08:00 to 09:30am from Munich

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Approx. 1:45 h from Munich 

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We pick you up!

  • Max. 8 guests!
  • Solid footwear!
  • Partly steep paths!
  • Bring passports!


780,00 €* up to 10 h
each additional hour: 90,00 €

* Incl. VAT. Price up to 3 guests. Each additional guest (up to 8 guests): + 20,00 €

King Ludwig II. and his Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous castle of all by far and attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year. Together with the castle visit, the visit of the Marienbrücke and the magnificent view, this excursion is an unforgettable experience.

Neuschwanstein – a dream made of stone

In 1869, the foundation stone for Castle Neuschwanstein was laid and until the mysterious death of King Ludwig II in 1886 in Starnberg Lake the construction work was in full swing. From this point, however, all work was immediately stopped and barely 7 weeks after the death of the king, the castle was opened to the public as a museum. The reason for this was obvious: King Ludwig II was heavily in debt.

Ludwig II was probably the most controversial and eccentric person in Bavaria of his time. A lonely monarch sat there on the Bavarian throne, who – increasingly shy of people and unsettled – began to withdraw into his own dream world in the mountains.

Overall, he built three castles in the Bavarian Alps region: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee, but only Linderhof was completed.

Neuschwanstein Castle was largely planned by Ludwig himself and built according to the ideal conception valid at that time as a medieval knight’s castle . The courtyard and some rooms are a tribute to his favorite composer Richard Wagner, whose operas Lohengrin and Tannhäuser describe similar sceneries.

King Ludwig II

“I want to remain an eternal riddle to myself and others”

This is what the king wrote to his former educator Sybille Meilhaus in 1876 – already 10 years before his death. A premonition?

Ludwig II went down in Bavarian history as fairy-tale king and has remained an unforgotten, an eternal mystery up to this day. If today you ask five locals about the truth around the death of King Ludwig II, you probably get ten different answers, because: “Nix Gwiss woas ma ned” (You do not know for sure) as we always like to say in Bavaria when we actually have no idea.

Neuschwanstein – a dream castle, a “must see”, nestled in the dreamlike landscape of the Allgäuer Pfaffenwinkel Region.

  • We’ll get you there, even for last-minute requests
  • We make this individual tour a unique experience in a class of its own.
If there is still some time left…

The castle visit takes some time, yet there is time to plan one or a maximum of two side trips in the beautiful area of the so-called Pfaffenwinkel. The side trips are possible either before or after the castle tour. All of the following suggestions are dependent on the admission time at the castle and any other plans you may have, such as lunch.

You can find our recommendations following the picture gallery.

If there is some time left…

  • Hohenschwangau Castle is located just opposite Neuschwanstein Castle in the Hohenschwangau. It is absolutely worth seeing and can be easily incorporated into the daily schedule as a combination of both castles.
  • The town of Füssen is located just around the corner from Neuschwanstein Castle and will impress you with its medieval appearance. A perfect place to have lunch or to go shopping.
  • Another castle please? Linderhof is another castle of Ludwig II and is dedicated to the French Sun King Louis XIV. The route there leads past the idyllic Plansee passing through Austria.
  • Oberammergau is a small but world-famous place, famous for its woodcarving art, its “Lüftlmalereien” (elaborately painted building facades) and especially by its every ten years taking place Passion Play world famous. Here also attracts the wonderful shopping street in the center of the village.
  • Kloster Ettal, a famous baroque Benedictine monastery from the 14th century, where monks still live today, invites you to a short stop on the way back.
  • The Wieskirche is a magnificently furnished Rococo Wallfahrtskirche and since 1983 UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The “Alpine Coaster” at Kolbensattel near Oberammergau: a summer toboggan run of 2.6 km length – fun for young and old. A perfect stop after the culturally powerful castle visit.
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