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Royal Residence Tour

Where the Wittelsbacher were at home

Royal Residence Munich – like a phoenix rising from the ashes…

More than 450 years were needed to complete this royal residence and it took just a few nights in the hailstorm of bombs in World War II to reduce the complex to rubble. A private guided tour inside the Royal Residence Munich will provide you with an insight into the splendor, the multifaceted periods of styles and the power of symbolism of the main residence of the House of Wittelsbach.

Some historical overview

It was significant for the uprising market town of Munich, that the House of Wittelsbach chose it as their seat of royal power in the middle of the 13th century.
As soon as Albrecht V, a highly educated man with high interest in the arts acceded in 1550, he sounded the bell for the age of Renaissance and Humanism. He collected and bought antiques, books and relics, all he could get his hands on – and then he ran out of storage space.

How it all began…

For the most splendid items the “Antiquarium” was built. The “Antiquarium” was the initial building of today’s Royal Residence Munich and the complex had benn growing throughout many centuries. Major additions were made by duke / elector Maximilian I and King Ludwig I, ordering his favorite architect Leo von Klenze to build the “Ceremonial Hall” and the “King’s Building”. King Ludwig II lined up with them, too: he added a spectacular winter garden on the rooftop to the Royal Residence Munich, thus creating a dreamscape for himself.

Residential home of the Wittelsbacher

Here they lived, reigned, married and died – the dukes, electors, prince regents and kings of the House of Wittelsbach. King Ludwig III was the last inhabitant until he had to escape from the revolution of November 7th 1918. From 1920 onwards the Royal Residence Munich’s museum was open to public, until the complex almost had been completely destroyed during World War II.

Thanks to people like Tino Walz and Erwin Schleich the Royal Residence Munich is shining again in old splendor. It is not only the expression of epochal art and creative energy, but likewise a symbol for the willpower of the Munich citizens to rebuild their city.
You can combine your Royal Residence Munich tour with a visit to Cuvilliés Theatre and / or the Royal Residence’s treasury.


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