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Immerse Yourself in Munich's Diverse Culture

Discover the rich cultural diversity of Munich with our specialized tours, offering unique insights into various thematic areas. Whether you're interested in LGBTIQ, typical Munich, or other specific aspects of the city, our tours are designed to provide you with a deep and fascinating experience. Dive in and experience Munich from a whole new perspective.

Place of the Victims of National Socialism Munich.JPG

Munich in National Socialism

from 220,00 €* • up to 120 min.


Munich for Locals and Newcomers

from 220,00 € *  •  to120 Min.

Ohel-Jakob-Synagogue Portal.JPG

Jüdisches Leben in München

from 220,00 €* • up to 120 min.

Lucky for you.jpg

Tour "Lucky you"

from 220,00 €* • up to 120 min.

AidsHilfe tour on 04.09.16 (5).jpg

LGBTIQ Tour Munich

from 220,00 € *  •  up to 120 Min.

Ohel-Jakob-Synagogue Portal.JPG

Ohne Frauen geht           gar nix!

from 220,00 €* • up to 120 min.

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