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New Tours

100 years ago:

1919: women are allowed to vote for the first time, the first Bavarian Prime Minister Kurt Eisner was assassinated and Walter Gropius founded the legendary Bauhaus in Weimar.

Important events will be honored in special private tourd

Salvator church seen through the branches of a tree

500 years of Protestant ReformationLooking for clues in Munich's Old Town

A single event in 1517 had a lasting effect on the world: Luther’s 95 propositions, put up onto the castle church of Wittenberg. Did this impact Bavaria and Munich?
500 years of Reformation – a private walking tour, looking for vestiges of the past of Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Munich’s historic city centre.

Price for this tour:
Group rate for up to 25 people: €180,00 up to 2 hours, each additional hour or part thereof €50,00*