Innsbruck – Austria

Although the city was first documented as Innsbruck in 1187, it nonetheless has a history of Roman roots. After all the valley and the river Inn were of immense importance as a way of safely reaching the Northern provinces. Until the 13th century the area was a Bavarian property and in fact belonged to the territories of the counts of Andechs.

The nomination as residential city of Tyrol in the 14th century is marking the beginning of the city’s boom. The city tower and “Neuhof”, the first residence of the Tyrolean local rulers is built right in the medieval city centre. This former residence only became famous in the year 1500, when an alcove balcony with 2.657 fire gilt shingles had been added to the building. Nowadays the town’s landmark is well-known all around the world as “Goldenes Dachl” (Golden Roof) of Innsbruck.
In the period that followed Hofburg Innsbruck, thanks to famous Empress Maria Theresia equipped with baroque design, and court garden were laid out. The palace complex and splendid St. James Cathedral are still witnesses of Habsburg monarchy’s great era.

Lately Innsbruck evolved into a modern university city, without losing its historical identity and distinctive charm. In 1964 and 1976 Innsbruck hosted Winter Olympics even twice, and Bergisel ski-jump, sitting enthroned high above the city on historic Bergisel, became another one of Innsbruck’s landmarks.

Innsbruck is impressing with its diversity and its charm, with its picturesque idyll and the green river Inn, carving its way through the old city at Karwendel. You will be delighted with the abundance of impressions and the richness of possibilities, that Innsbruck is presenting.

If there is any time left…

Innsbruck is offering that much art, culture and other stuff being worth looking at, that you can spend an entire day in this city at the river Inn. Find some possible activities below:

  • Swarovski Kristallwelten: 20 km away from Innsbruck you will find Swarovski Kristallwelten, which were in 1995, for the company’s centenary. They are offering a breathtaking insight into decoration of former times combined with crystals’ shine.
  • “Innsbruck View” with Hafelekarbahn: Combining train and rope way on a fast connection from Innsbruck’s historic district up to 7.525 feet high mountain Hafelekar. You will change trains several times and can make a stop at Europe’s highest-lying zoo, before going all the way to the summit.

Innsbruck – Olympic city upon river Inn
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