Private historic city walking tour – background

Founded in medieval times, the history of Munich is similar to the chronicles of many other cities.
It’s always about the money. It is said to have been Henry the Lion, who probably has burned down bishop Otto of Freising’s old salt bridge near Föhring in winter of 1157 and had a new bridge built close to nowadays’ Ludwig’s Bridge. Salt transports had to cross the river Isar and heaps of money was earned by bridge tolls. Thus Munich was founded with a beat of the drum, that made duke Henry’s cash till ring. And nobody less than his majesty Friedrich Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation declared the new bridge to be legal.

Because “ad munichen” (at the monks’ place) was first mentioned in writing on June 14th 1158, this special day is regarded as the official founding date of the town. Until today the foundation day is celebrated annually on a weekend around June 14th.
The town’s further development is told in two words: Munich becomes an important salt trading place, a town wall is built for its safety, the town is thriving. The rulers of the House of Wittelsbach chose Munich as their capital and seat of royal power. They truly made their presence felt by leaving behind buildings like the cathedral “Frauenkirche”, the Royal Residence Munich, Hofbräuhaus, and St. Michael’s church, by laying out magnificent boulevards and exercising their significant influence in major civic projects like the new town hall.

However, this tour won’t forget to also talk about the dark side of Munich’s history, when this city played a crucial role in helping Adolf Hitler and the Nazi-Party rise to power in the 1920s. Some buildings on our way will help us to trace the history behind the former “capital of the movement” and to talk about victims and resistance fighers during that period.

Despite massive destruction in World War II, Munich did everything to reconstruct the historic looks of the city and it is presenting itself today as one of the most popular cities in the world. Traditions are important in Bavaria and the Bavarian attitude towards life is celebrated wherever your eye comes across. Everybody is participating in this special atmosphere, which is making Munich so different.
This historic city walking tour of about 3 kilometers is convenient for all ages. It covers all sights walking past Marienplatz, the old and new City Hall, St. Peter’s, the Viktualienmarkt, the Opera, the Royal Residence Munich, Odeonsplatz, the venue of the “Beer-Hall-Putsch”, the grand boulevard Ludwigstraße , the “Fünf Höfe” shopping area, Dallmayr’s Deli and of course Munich’s trademark view: our cathedral called “Frauenkirche”.

We are pleasured to tailor the private historic city waking tour to your specific wishes: you want to make a slight detour or want a certain focus? Let us know and we’ll prepare the historic city walking tour customized for you.