Although a guided tour is completely contradictory to the Auer Dult itself – you should let yourself drift across the fair – it will nevertheless be an extraordinary experience.

During our walk across the Auer Dult we explore the origins of the popular fair and go as far back as the medieval times. To come to know the specifics we’ll stop at one or two merchants and will get an overview of the range. If we are lucky, we’ll even meet one of the popular characters, which are part of the fair for many decades. Continuing our walk through the alleys full of rummage, kitsch and precious antiques, we will experience the special atmosphere – no matter if novelty or curiosity alley, there is something for everyone at the Dult.

After a short visit to the center piece of the fair ground, neo-Gothic Mariahilf Church, we’ll end our tour at the showman area, where you can feel  nostalgia on every corner. And maybe some childhood memories will dawn…

Dult 2020:

Kirchweihdult:  17.10. – 25.10.2020

Dult 2021:

Maidult: 24. 04. – 02. 05.2021

Jakobidult: 24.07. – 01.08.2021

Kirchweihdult: 16.10. – 24.10.2021