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In the following regulations the client is understood to be the person ordering the tour and the contractor is understood to be YourMunichTour.

1. Service description and execution of the service

The service description of the respective guided tour is contained in the corresponding tour description. YourMunichTour reserves the right to make changes due to special circumstances of the respective tour.

The services are mainly distinguished by guided tours in Munich for groups between a maximum of 10 and 30 persons (for the applicable maximum group size please refer to the respective tour description), in the following referred to as “Walking Tours in Munich”, and individual tours in a large-capacity vehicle up to a maximum of 8 persons in the surrounding area (hereinafter referred to as “Tours in the Surrounding Area”).

YourMunichTour, represented by the owner Alexander Kardaschenko, cooperates with a network of best-trained tour guides. The client has no claim to a specific tour guide, provided that the executing tour guide can meet the requirements of the client.

2. Effectiveness of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The client accepts these terms and conditions when placing the order. The client books exclusively based on the GTC of YourMunichTour. YourMunichTour does not approve conflicting conditions or conditions of the client deviating from the GTC of YourMunichTour unless YourMunichTour has expressly agreed to their validity in writing. The tacit acceptance of bookings, as well as payments by YourMunichTour, does not imply agreement with conflicting conditions of the client.

3. Change, supplement, additional agreements of the service

The type and extent of the contractual services result from the service description in the order confirmation.
Changes, additions, or subsidiary agreements must be made in writing in all cases.
For changes, supplements, or additional agreements, which are made at the request of the client after the order confirmation has been issued and sent, possible additional costs to the agreed fee can be charged. YourMunichTour will inform the client about possible additional costs in written form, which the client must confirm in written form as well.
The contractor expressly reserves the right to declare a change of the agreements if unavoidable reasons make it necessary. The client will be informed of this in writing without delay. The amount of the agreed fee is not affected by this.
The indication of the duration of the tour is an approximate value based on the knowledge of the contractor. Depending on the size of the group or other circumstances, deviations from this time specification are possible. The client agrees to take this into account when planning subsequent appointments, etc.

4. Specifics for bus tours

In the case of sightseeing tours where the group travels by bus, the client must ensure that a seat with a seat belt and a functioning microphone system are available for the contractor. If there is no possibility to fasten the seatbelt, the contractor is entitled to refuse to carry out the sightseeing tour. If the microphone system is missing or damaged, no or only limited explanations can be given during the tour. Regardless of this, the agreed fee claim remains.
Munich has been an environmental zone since 01.10.2008 in the area within the Mittlerer Ring. You need an environmental badge to enter the zone. Information is available at the registration offices, at the TÜV, or at

5. Specifics when entering third-party properties

In the case of events in properties to be visited, it may not be possible to visit these at short notice despite confirmation to the contrary. This does not change the agreed tour fee. We ask for your understanding if a guided tour is not or only partially possible due to special use of a property to be visited by the owner or by a third party, which was not known at the time the contract was concluded.

6. Group size

The maximum number of participants can be found in the respective tour description.
If the respective stated maximum number of participants is exceeded, the commissioning of an additional tour guide is necessary. This applies in particular to tours inside closed buildings.

7. Fees

The following fees are charged for guided tours in Munich and the surrounding area:

Category A*:

  • All walking tours in Munich: 220,00 Euro (2 hours), each additional hour 70,00 Euro

  • Guided tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial with own arrival: 310,00Euro (up to 3 hours), each additional hour 70,00 Euro

  • Guided tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial if you travel with us by public transport (additional costs for tickets) or in your own coach from Munich: 440,00 Euro (up to 5 hours), each additional hour 70,00 Euro

Category B*:

  • Guided tour Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial:
    As individual tour up to max. 6 persons: Pick-up by cab (address in Munich) and return (address in Munich): 560.00 Euro (up to 4.5 hours), each additional hour 90,00 Euro

  • City tour by cab: 340,00 Euro (up to 3 hours), each additional hour 105,00 Euro

  • Walk & Drive in a cab: 530,00 Euro (4,5 hours), each additional hour 95,00 Euro

  • Individual tours – tours to the surrounding area by large-capacity cab for up to 6 people: 960,00 Euro (up to 9,5 hours), each additional hour or part thereof 115,00 Euro.

If a different fee has been agreed upon, this individual agreement has priority; reference is made to §305b, BGB (priority of the individual agreement over the general terms and conditions).
If the client wishes a pick-up or a termination outside of the Munich city area, deviating from the regular starting or ending point of the guided tour, the client will be additionally charged for the additional expenses for transportation costs.
If the client wishes to take breaks during the guided tours or the tours, this will be charged to the agreed time frame. Should the total duration of the guided tour or the tour be extended as a result, the rates listed above shall apply per hour or part thereof.
*Category A:
Depending on the guide available, VAT is included, or no VAT is shown (§19 small business).
*Category B:
VAT is included in these rates.

8. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be made on the day of performance directly to the contractor in cash, in full, and in the agreed currency.
If a receipt within the meaning of §368 BGB (German Civil Code) or an invoice within the meaning of §14 UStG (Value Added Tax Act) is desired, it is requested that this be communicated to the Contractor in advance.
If additional services are negotiated with the Contractor during the performance of the service, these are to be paid immediately in cash.
If the Client wishes other additional services that require organization and advance payment by the Contractor, this must be confirmed in writing by the Client. These additional payments (advance payment) are to be paid in cash, in full, and in the agreed currency on the day of performance together with the agreed fee.

  • For all foot tours in Munich, a deposit of 40.00 euros may be required by the contractor.

  • For all tours in the surrounding area, a deposit of 150.00 Euros is due, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the client and the contractor.

9. Entrance fees

Any entrance fees, tickets, other transfer fees such as carriage rides, bus shuttles, cable cars or other mountain railroads, and any other additional undertakings requested by the Client and subject to a charge shall be borne by the Client in addition to the fee payable to the Contractor unless otherwise agreed in writing in the confirmed scope of services. The corresponding amounts shall be paid by the Client on site directly upon entering the objects subject to entry at the cash desk there.

10. Waiting time of the contractor

The Contractor shall be notified immediately by the Client of any delays to the mobile phone number provided to the Client upon confirmation of the order.
The Contractor shall wait 30 minutes for the complete appearance of the Client’s group. If the booked service must be shortened as a result of the Client’s delay, the price agreed in the confirmation shall still be paid. If the client is late, there is no right to an extension of the tour or reduction of the price. The elapsed waiting time shall be charged to the agreed tour time. If the Client and the Contractor nevertheless agree on an extension of the guided tour on site, the additional costs shall be borne by the Client. The hourly rates listed under point 7 shall apply.
In the event of a delay of 60 minutes or more, the Contractor may withdraw from the order, as a guided tour is no longer possible in the remaining time. In this case, the fee claim of the contractor continues undiminished.

11. Withdrawal by the contractor

If due to compelling reasons, another tour guide is required as a substitute to carry out the agreed tour at the agreed conditions, the contractor shall consult with the client. Reference is made to his rights mentioned in §309 No. 10 b BGB.
If the fulfillment of the contract is endangered, impaired, or impossible due to force majeure, the contractor may withdraw from the agreed service or cancel it without compensation. Compensation of the Principal is expressly excluded.

12. Withdrawal by the client

The withdrawal from the contract (cancellation) must be made in writing.
In case of withdrawal by the client, the following costs will be charged:

  • Up to 14 days before the start of the service: free of charge (any down payments will be refunded)

  • 13 to 4 days before the start of the service: 50% of the agreed fee (or offsetting with any down payment made)

  • 3 days (72 hours) or less before the start of the service: 100% of the agreed fee (or settlement with any down payment made).

The contractor reserves the right to charge the client for the agreed services already rendered (e.g., tickets purchased in advance, etc.).
If the client does not attend the booked service on the day of the service or does not attend the service for reasons for which the contractor is not responsible, the price agreed in the contract will be charged in full. This does not entitle the client to make up the tour later.
In the event of premature termination of the guided tour at the request of the client, the full previously agreed fee shall be due.
If the Client does not take advantage of individual services after the start of the guided tour or does not take advantage of them in full, because of an early return journey or for other reasons for which the Contractor is not responsible, the Client shall not be entitled to a refund or reduction of the agreed price.

13. Copyright and other rights of the contractors

Picture and sound recordings of the contractor as well as recordings and sound recordings of the content of the guided tour are not permitted unless this has been expressly permitted by the contractor. Any image and teaching material issued may not be reproduced in any way without the consent of the Contractor.

14. Cooperation obligations of the client

The client is obligated to cooperate in the fulfillment of the agreed contract and to avoid possible damages or disturbances.
In particular, the Client undertakes to inform the Contractor in good time before the start of the guided tour of any special features of the group profile (e.g., obstacles to walking or standing or similar). If such information is not provided or is provided only at the beginning of the guided tour, the Contractor shall not be liable for any necessary service restrictions.
Any possible complaints must be reported to the contractor without delay. Claims for non-performance or non-conforming performance must be asserted in writing to the Contractor within one month after the contractually agreed completion of the performance. Claims of the client become time-barred after 6 months, beginning with the end of the agreed service.

15. Liability

The liability of the contractor is limited to the fulfillment of the agreed scope of services and is financially limited to the amount of the agreed management fee. This limitation of liability in terms of amount does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the contractor or his representative or his vicarious agent.
Through membership in the BVGD, there is professional liability insurance as well as financial loss insurance through the Bundesverband der Gästeführer in Deutschland e.V. (Federal Association of Tour Guides in Germany). Detailed information can be found at
The BVGD does not assume any responsibility for the supervision of minors. This remains with the parents, the legal representatives, or the accompanying persons.

16. Voucher purchase and redemption

(1) Validity

All vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.
All vouchers are transferable to other persons

All vouchers are not issued in the name of a specific person / not for a specific date / not for a specific tour

(2) Revocation

You have the right to revoke the purchase of the voucher within fourteen days (from the date of purchase) without giving any reason
If you wish to revoke the contract, then either fill out the sample form below or send us your own letter with the same information as listed below.

If sent by mail, the date of the postmark will apply

Sample cancellation form:

YourMunichTour – Stadtführungen München
Alexander Kardaschenko
Robert-Koch-Str. 28
85521 Ottobrunn

I hereby revoke the contract I concluded for the purchase of the following voucher code:

Ordered on:

Name of buyer:

Buyer’s address:

E-mail of the purchaser:

Signature of the purchaser (only in case of communication on paper)


(3) Redemption of vouchers

The voucher holder chooses his tour in the offer of on the date he wishes.

In addition, a voucher can be redeemed specifically at
Only one voucher can be redeemed per order
The voucher can only be redeemed during the order process. After completion of the booking, a subsequent settlement is no longer possible
If the price of the desired tour exceeds the value of the voucher, the remaining amount is due with payment by credit card or PayPal

The voucher can only be used for the booking of a tour and not for the purchase of further vouchers

(4) Validity of vouchers and the possible remaining balance

The voucher and any remaining credit are redeemable up to 3 years from the date of purchase of the voucher
The voucher balance will neither be paid out in cash nor will interest be paid on it.

17. Applicable law

Unless otherwise stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions or agreed in writing between the Client and the Contractor, the contractual relationship between the Client and the Contractor shall be governed exclusively by German law.

18. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Munich.

19. Severability clause

The invalidity of individual provisions shall not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.
In this case, the invalid provisions shall be replaced by the statutory provisions.

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