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Munich for Munich residents and newcomers

Explore Munich: insider tips and classics for everyone

“there just has to be a little bit more”!

You always suspected it…

Are you a Munich resident, a newcomer, a Munich resident by choice or do you live in the surrounding area? Do you know Munich, but then again, not? On all your travels you have visited foreign cities and taken tours, but have never been home to Munich? Have you always wanted to do a city tour at home, even if you actually know your own city?

Then it's time! We have the ultimate city tour if it

Off the beaten track…

"Munich for Munich residents" is a city tour of Munich's old town that is a little off the beaten track. We can't "reinvent the wheel", but even the most die-hard Munich resident will surely find something new to see and hear. This tour takes you through the city center with an entertaining program, past places where not so long ago pigs were traded, celebrities were weighed, or shady scandals were reported.

We can do Munich!

Of course, you already know everything about our great city - or at least almost everything? Nevertheless, you will certainly discover many new, beautiful and surprising things on our tours. Your personal city guide will draw your attention to one or two unknown details - and of course will be happy to answer (almost) all of your questions.

Move around your city like a tourist. If you want, you can even take a look at the carillon, accompanied by an expert, of course.

We look forward to seeing you!

Tour details

€200.00 plus admission

90 – 120 mins

Max. 20 people

About 2.5 km

Main entrance castle

Available in these languages:

Do you have any questions? Then please write to us using the contact form, call us or take a look at the most frequently asked questions .

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