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Guided tour of Oktoberfest Munich

Explore the traditions and highlights of Oktoberfest

When the World Visits Munich!

The world's largest folk festival attracts both Munich locals and visitors from all over the globe. Our stroll across the Oktoberfest grounds offers a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes. Learn about the origins of this celebration and how it evolved from a royal horse race into the annual mega-event it is today.


When Ludwig and Therese…

A royal wedding in the Middle Ages inspired a daily reenactment in the Glockenspiel at Munich's Marienplatz. Several generations and centuries of the Wittelsbach family later, another wedding took place—this time outside the city. Plenty of space was needed for the horse race held in honor of the newlyweds. Could Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen have imagined that this event would evolve into Oktoberfest, the world's largest folk festival? Would she have still said "yes"? We can only guess…


The Wiesn - O'zapft is!

We know a lot about the history and stories surrounding Munich's Oktoberfest. Our tour takes you through the festive grounds' hustle and bustle, past long-standing carnival rides and attractions, the trendiest amusements, and provides key facts and figures about the festival.

Naturally, everything at Oktoberfest revolves around beer, which flows in hectoliters through thirsty throats in the beer tents lining Wirtsbudenstraße. This tradition has led to many memorable tales, which we'll be happy to share during our tour.

Join us for a unique tour of the Wiesn—informative, delightful, cozy, Bavarian, and perfect for all ages.

Oktoberfest 2024 Dates: September 21 - October 6, 2024

Tour details

€ 220

up to120 mins

Max. 20 people

About 1 km

according to the arrangement

Available in these languages:

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