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Without women nothing works!

Fascinating women’s stories in Munich

You have to be impressed by this

Munich's history is full of interesting female figures who definitely deserve to be given their own tour. Whether in the residence , at home or from the common middle class. Whether noblewoman or stout woman, saint or hypocrite, artist, scientist or tragic figure. They all tell their own story. It is also a good opportunity to devote some time to the women's movement in Munich.

As in many German cities, women have left few visible traces in Munich. The city's history is peppered with the names of influential men, and monuments and street names almost always commemorate the male members of the sex. The New Town Hall on Marienplatz in particular gives an impression of this imbalance, decorated all over with statues. But take a closer look to see the few female representatives among them.

The tour “Nothing works without women!”…

...makes the ladies of Munich's city history visible to you. On our route through the old town you will get to know very different women from different eras:

  • brave female fighters who, as early as the late Middle Ages, fought to ensure that girls also had a chance at education

  • young wives who continue to shape Munich's cityscape through their influence on architecture

  • powerless princesses who gave up their fate for the good of Bavaria

  • talented female artists who dealt with their role as wives in very different ways in the 19th century

  • far-sighted politicians who opposed Adolf Hitler and his party as early as the early 1920s

  • Female scientists who were able to make a name for themselves in their field despite male dominance.

Of course, there are also amusing and entertaining ladies on board. Their appearance in our city is something that still makes guests smile today. And despite, or perhaps thanks to, the concentrated power of women, the beauty of our city center is not neglected. The tour takes you past magnificent facades, stately squares, enchanted corners and lovingly designed courtyards.

Tour details

€200.00 plus admission

90 – 120 mins

Max. 20 people

About 2.5 km

Main entrance castle

Available in these languages:

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